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Frequently Asked Questions



General questions


Do you offer discounts or special offers?

Yes, we do. Online reservations, diving for children with their parents and diving for groups are all subject to discounts all year round. Our Special Offers page will provide you with more details.

Should I book my diving course or diving package in advance?


This is a very good idea. Besided from the 10% discount on some of our services, the main advantage when booking before your arrival is that you have your place guaranteed on the boat or on the course you want and we have time to make sure that everything is organised for you. Our Reservations page allows you to reserve all your diving services and even accommodation.


Do you provide transfers from all Hurghada hotels?


Yes, we do. Transfers are organised mornings and evenings and are free of charge. We also arrange airport to hotel transfers if you need them.


How do I know at what time you will pick me up on the first day?


We organise it before your arrival, in the case that you arrive late in the evening before your first day with us, you just give us a call from your hotel and we will gladly arrange a transfer time for you.


Do you provide video footage of our dives or course?


Yes we do. This can be organised onsite for an extra charge. A specialist comes with you on the boat and follows your day. You get either a VHS tape or a DVD it’s your choice, ready and edited by the next day.


What are your safety standards like?


They are very high in all circumstances, at our centres and in all in-water activities. We have dedicated a Safety & Environment page to this subject on our website.



Daily diving


Which certifications do you recognise?


We recognise any worldwide diving certification and most of the European countries specific certifications. If you would rather check with us before coming, please contact us, we will gladly confirm them or give you all options available.


Do we have to dive with a dive guide?


You will be accompanied by a guide during your first dive with us, giving you time to get familiar with our procedures. Then it depends on your certification level and your ability to control your dive independently.


What are the limits for certified divers at Dive Point?


We strictly follow Egyptian laws regarding diving activities and all standards of the training organisations we offer courses from. These limits are worldwide standards and basically follow the limits of your diving certification, be they for recreational or technical diving.


Do you offer half day diving?


Single dives are possible on the house reef located just in front of both our diving centres. Both reefs are rich enough to provide several different dives. Our boat trips are always on a full day due to the minimum distance to our dive sites.


Do you offer special rates and private boats for diving groups?


Yes we do. Special deals can be arranged for groups of divers (minimum 6 divers) with even a private boat depending on the size of the group. Since it requires some organisation, it is only possible when booked prior to arrival. For more details, please check our Special Offers page.


Do I have to take all the days of my diving package consecutively?


No you do not need to. We need to know the first day of your package and then you can decide your plan once on site. The only aspect to keep in mind is the available space on our boats, especially during high season.


Are passengers welcome on board, including children?


Yes of course. Passengers are welcome to spend the day together with the divers on the boat or even do some snorkelling at our dive sites. They need to register and pay a full day snorkelling fee as our boats have a limited capacity. If you want to know more about Snorkelling, please visit our page.


What is the average distance to your dive sites?


The distance to the first dive site will vary from half an hour to one and a half hours depending on where the dive guides decide to go and what the weather dictates. The travelling time between the two dive sites will generally not be more than 45 mins.


Diving Courses


Do I have to know how to swim in order to dive?


You need to be a reasonably good swimmer and feel comfortable in water too deep to stand to dive.


How can I be sure that I am physically fit for diving?


No particular fitness standard is required to engage in this activity but you must be in good physical condition. You can find a copy of the PADI medical questionnaire on our Download page to take to your doctor if you want to be sure.


What are the minimum and maximum ages to scuba dive?


The minimum age for trying diving with us is 8 years old with the PADI Bubblemaker Experience. PADI Courses start from 10 years old. You can find a complete list of diving courses on our Kids page. There is no maximum age to dive as it is only depending on your physical fitness.


Can I try diving without having to enrol into a diving course?


The PADI Discover Scuba Diving is made for it. You first try diving in our swimming pool and decide if you want to try it as well on our house reef or from our boats. You can then decide to continue towards a full certification. You will find complete information about this course on our Courses for Beginners page.


What if I start a beginner diving course and I do not like it or I cannot continue?


If you need or want to withdraw from any course, you will only be charged for the portion of the course you have done.


What happens if I cannot complete my course during my holiday?


Your instructor will give you all the necessary paperwork stating all the theory, skills and dives you have done so that you can complete the missing part with another instructor at another location in the future.


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 Last Update 30/10/2007