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If you need accommodation and airport to hotel transfers in Hurghada, please check our Hotels page. For more information, please contact us directly; if you need direct flights to Hurghada please visit our Links page


About Hurghada


Hurghada was at one time just a simple fishing village. As the scuba diving industry and beach tourism expanded in Egypt, it soon became obvious that the village was to become a major tourist destination.


In terms of pure holiday enjoyment, everyone can find something in Hurghada. Offering crystal clear waters, pristine reefs and a full range of shipwrecks at various depths, Hurghada has turned into one of the diving Mecca’s of the Red Sea. Thanks to a variety of islands offering protection from the wind and the sometimes choppy seas, our experienced crews will always take you to a sheltered site where you’ll be able to enjoy calm conditions.



Besides diving, activities such as snorkelling, windsurfing and kite surfing all keep their aficionados thrilled. The strong winds that often blow on the coast even make the wind or kite surfing, sometimes a daring and challenging experience. For those who get tired of the beach and the sea, desert safaris, camel or horse riding, quad or four wheeler tours are all possible to provide for a great get away and allow the enjoyment of the unique, spectacular scenery of the endless sandy dunes and rocky mountains. Not to be missed, whether on the sea or in the desert, both sunrises and sunsets remain a breathtaking experience on a daily basis.


Be it in the city, in the busy areas of Sekala or Downtown, or further south along the coast in more isolated settings, the range of accommodation available, also provides for all needs and budgets, from the finest 5 star hotels to simpler guesthouses. In the main part of the city, hotels line up on over 20 km of beautiful beaches.


For your convenience, supermarkets, souvenir shops, beach- and sportswear specialists, as well as many other businesses cater to all your possible needs. To have a good time in the evening, many restaurants offer all kinds of menus, from Asian, to European, to Arabic, and with its numerous beach bars, busy discotheques and cinemas, the city is also a great and fun night out.


If you are interested to know more about Hurghada, please check the Hurghada category on our Links page.


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