Our Boats

Diving with Dive Point Red Sea means spending the day on the Red Sea on one of our boats, Dive Point 1 or Dive Point 2.

Our top priorities when boat diving are fun and safety. Our boats are perfectly equipped for divers and snorkelers and offer plenty of space to stow all your equipment away. Dive Point 1 offers comfortable space for up to 25 divers and snorkelers, Dive Point 2 for up to 9.

Once you come aboard our boats, whether you are a diver or a snorkeler, or just want to enjoy a nice day at sea, you will appreciate how everything is made especially for your needs. The dive platforms greet you with two fresh water showers. Our spacious dive decks are ready for you, with a clever design to store everything safely: Hangers for the suits, safe brackets for the tanks, space for your boxes and bags, and shelves to store your computers, cameras and other special equipment.

To make it easy for you to get in and out of the water, the boats have a spacious, low platform. With a giant stride forward, you can enter the water for your diving pleasure and with our dive ladders you can easily get back on board without or with complete equipment. Our always cheerful crew will be happy to help you – with putting on of the equipment and getting back on board as well as with the putting on and taking off of the equipment.

In our cozy boat saloon, everything is ready to enjoy chilled and warm drinks and it is also the location where the rich lunch freshly prepared and served by the crew. You can also keep your dry things safe here, even if the sea is a bit rougher. In addition, you will find our safety equipment, which is easily accessible and ready for use at any time. This includes first aid kit, medication, oxygen tanks, regulators, tools and spare parts for snorkeling and diving equipment.

Our sun decks offer you plenty of space with sun beds, so you can fully enjoy the trip to and from the dive and snorkel sites. Here you will also always find a shady spot with protection from the sun’s rays and can enjoy the fresh breeze of the Red Sea.


The toilets on Dive Point 1 and Dive Point 2 are spacious and of course offer fresh water.

On our boats you immediately feel at home, welcome and safe. 🙂