Discover Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba Diving is THE holiday experience you must try!

You want to experience something special and are not yet a certified diver? Then experience the fascinating underwater world of the Red Sea with us.

For one day your personal diving instructor is at your disposal, who will explain you the most important things about diving and go on underwater tours with you one on one.

Your day starts with the selection of your personal and perfectly fitting diving equipment. Afterwards we all go on the boat together and visit great dive sites. On the way, your instructor will explain to you what to look out for when diving, what safety rules apply, how we communicate underwater and what you will experience together underwater.

When you arrive at the first dive site, you put on your diving equipment with the help of your instructor and check it. After that you start with a giant stride into the Red Sea. As soon as you feel comfortable and have taken your first few breaths out of the regulator on the surface, you descend together to approx. 1m depth. Here we show you important diving skills such as clearing your mask and recovering the regulator. As soon as you have mastered the skills, you will slowly descend together with your instructor. He will help you glide easily through the water and show you great things.

How long you dive with your instructor depends on two factors: Your air consumption and how long you want to dive. Normally our trial dives last 45-60 minutes per dive.

After a lunch break with Egyptian delicacies we continue to the next dive site, which you will also explore together with your instructor. You’ll quickly realize how much easier diving becomes each time you do it and how much more fun you have in the underwater world. At the end of your diving day you will receive a certificate and we will register your Discover Scuba Diving experience with PADI. Maybe you’d like to take a scuba diving course and become a certified diver? Just talk to us 🙂

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