Underwater Scooter Diving

Diver Propulsion Vehicle

You are ready to explore the Red Sea and go further than all other divers? Join us in DPV diving and dive beyond the beaten paths!

As an official BONEX dealer and a service center, we are happy to host various Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPVs).

Our big boys, the three Bonex Reference RS are designed to go far and fast and do so reliably.  Rated to use at depths up to 250m they will withstand the most demanding tasks. Having a dry weight of 19 kg but are perfectly neutrally buoyant under water. Sporting a lithium-ion battery with a maximum range of just under 10 km and a maximum speed of over 80 meters per minute, it is not only mind blowing – watch your mask 😉

To use the Bonex Reference RS you will have to have a DPV Diver specialty certification.

Haven’t got your DPV certification yet? Get more information on our DPV course here or try the small brothers – Bonex Aquaprop L.

The Aquaprop L scooters are great fun and also suitable for beginner divers, those with no prior DPV experience and even snorkelers! They weigh only 7kg, are very easy to use and with a maximum speed of 50 meters per minute can deliver some unforgettable experience. The Lithium-Ion makes runtimes up to 200 minutes possible, which makes these scooters perfect for a two dives day, all safety reserves considered.

Currently we’ve got 7 Aquaprop scooters in stock for daily use and are happy to introduce you to them.