PADI Bubblemaker

Kids Diving

You are at least 8 years old and always wanted to dive down - like the "grown-ups"?

Then come with us and experience the fantastic underwater world in a playful way! Feel weightless, swim with fish and play amazing games under water.

The Bubblemaker is the safest and easiest way for children to experience their first underwater excursions. And for kids, having fun is of course the most important thing. Featuring great games and many creative concepts, we dive up to 2m deep in our lagoon. And there is so much to discover! Nemo also lives here and is just waiting for young divers to visit him.

The Bubblemaker dive lasts as long as it is fun for the kids and they are well and not too cold in the water.

With the Bubblemaker Crewpack every child is well equipped with his or her own log- and learning book for the first “adventure dives”, a cool towel and the Bubblemaker mascot. Wait and see what else is in your Crewpack.

Starting from 67.50 € - Book Now!