PADI Seal Team

Kids Diving

Start your diving adventure!

From the age of 8 you can learn how to dive playfully and have a lot of fun in the process. The PADI Seal Team course is like a small Open Water course for the little ones. You learn the most important diving rules and underwater skills. At a maximum water depth of 4 meters you will learn how to clear the mask, how to recover the regulator and how to weightlessly hover like an astronaut. You’ll get your own PADI training- and logbook where you can record all your dives and collect badges.

Only with us may your adventure take place directly in the sea, in our lagoon specially approved by PADI. Here we teach you all the underwater skills you need to master as a Seal Team Member. Of course we also have a lot of fun and we play great games like Memory and Frisby, but of course under water!

As soon as you have shown in 2 to 3 dives that you have mastered all the skills and understood the theory, you will become part of the PADI Seal Team and your adventure really begins!

PADI Seal Team Members are very good and responsible divers and therefore they can participate in exciting aqua missions.

We search and recover treasures, identify fish, take care of the preservation of the underwater world, take snapshots and the brave even participate in our night dives!

You will receive a badge for each Aquamission and are well on your way to becoming a member of the PADI Master Seal Team! Your personal dive instructor will accompany you on your missions in our lagoon and is always ready for new adventures with you.

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