Sidemount Diving

Are you a Sidemount trained diver coming to Hurghada on a dive vacation and looking to do more than just “vanilla” daily diving? Look no further!

At Dive Point Red Sea we accommodate for all your specific needs. Being an official xDEEP Sidemount dealer and licensed service facility we are housing full time Sidemount instructors with years of experience in teaching and diving Sidemount configuration. Whether you want to refresh your skills and drills, get an educated advice or apply those skills in real diving, here you can get it all!

Our rental store packs several well maintained sets of xDeep Stealth 2.0 Classic, APEKS Sidemount Regulator sets as well as all the necessary rigging gear and parts to cover all your equipment needs if you happen to travel light.

And, of course, we provide you with dedicated Sidemount cylinder sets fitted with left- and right-handed valves, filled with air or EANx32 FREE of any extra charge!


Not a Sidemount diver yet? Take a course and get certified!