PADI Wreck Diving

Specialty Course

The PADI Wreck Diving Specialty course is your ticket to a whole new and fascinating underwater world - the world of wreck diving!

Ships that have run into misfortune and sunk – there’s plenty to discover here. Discover the history of the wreck and the special creatures that live not only around, but also inside a wreck.

To participate in this specialty course, you must be at least 15 years old and be a PADI Adventure Diver or equivalent.

Leaving from our dive center, we have a variety of shipwrecks at our disposal, which we can visit on a daily basis. From shallow to deep, from big to small – there is a wreck for everybody – and some can also be penetrated.

We show you how to assess a wreck – is it suitable for diving? Can you penetrate it? What are the entry and exit points and what are the risks?

To dive safely into a wreck and find your way back out, we teach you how to lay a guide line, attach it and follow it so that you can safely find your way out of the wreck even in poor visibility or when you have lost your bearings.

During our 4th dive we may have the opportunity to dive inside a wreck, and you can show us that you are able to carry out the assessment and dive planning of this very particular dive, while combining safety with fun during the wreck dives.

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